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Armagnac blends

Maison Delord offers blends from three years to more than thirty years.

Try young Armagnacs in cocktails or lengthened with ice. They will bring all their flavors to the kitchen to spice up, flambé, flavor and accompany dishes and pastries.

Older Armagnacs express their subtlety, finesse, richness and character alone or accompanied by a cigar, a chocolate dessert, an Arabica with a tangy flavor.

fine armagnac

Fine Armagnac

Fruity with the taste of fresh apple and grape, warm and supple, this Armagnac can be used in cocktails or in cooking.

armagnac vsop

Armagnac VSOP

Fragrant and round, with aromas of vanilla combined with a nice woodiness, this Armagnac has enough character to be enjoyed with or without ice.

armagnac hors d'age

Armagnac hors d'âge

All the typicality of Maison Delord, with great aromatic richness.

armagnac 20 ans d'age

Armagnac 20 years

With aromas of dried fruits and vanilla, this Armagnac will amaze you on the palate with its notes of sweet spices (cinnamon, vanilla), its woodiness and its rancio.

armagnac 25 ans d'âge

Armagnac 25 years

Elegant on the nose, with its peppery and spicy notes, it is on the palate that it reveals all its complexity.

armagnac xo premium

Armagnac XO Premium

Born from the blend of Armagnacs aged between 25 and 45 years, this blend expresses its richness and power with delicious gourmet notes.

armagnac l'authentique

Armagnac l'Authentique

The Authentic Delord is a blend of very old Armagnacs born from the selection of different barrels representing, in our eyes, the most typical vintages of our House.

armagnac création n°12

Armagnac Création

Each year, Sylvain selects several cask-strength vintages to develop the new “Création”, sold in a limited series.

Vintage Armagnacs

The specificity… The whole history of Armagnac and our House.
From 1900 to the present day, our “Paradise” contains carboys that protect our oldest vintage Armagnacs.

armagnac millésimé 1988
armagnac millésimé 1989

Cask strength

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brut de futs
blanche d'armagnac

White Armagnac

From the same terroir as Armagnac, but different in its transparent colour and its aromas. The nose is intense and flattering with aromas of
fresh grape, citrus, pear and green almond. The attack is round and
oily. Citrus and pear notes are still present.

Fruit in Armagnac

Pruneaux d'Agen
in Armagnac

Following a recipe from our grandmother DELORD, we select real whole Agen Prunes with the largest size per kilo, the “Prune d’Ante” having an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée “Pruned’Agen”. These prunes are macerated in a liqueur made with 31.5cl of Armagnac, a few grams of sugar and… our secret!

in Armagnac

Mellow, melting…Here are the words that come to mind to describe the astonishing marriage between Armagnac and candied chestnuts that the most gourmet among you will appreciate without moderation. To discover without delay...

Floc de Gascogne

Unexpected complicity between Armagnac and grape must – Floc de Gascogne Rosé has aromas of raspberry and red fruits, while Floc Blanc offers citrus fruits, dried fruits and honey. Le Floc de Gascogne finds its place as an aperitif, with foie gras, melons or as a dessert.

floc de gascogne blanc

White Floc de Gascogne

floc de gascogne rosé

Rosé Floc de Gascogne