Delord Armagnacs

Blends and Vintages

The house of Delord offers blends from three years old to more than 30 years as well as vintages from 1900 to the present day.

Try young Armagnacs in cocktails or in long drinks with ice. In the kitchen, they bring all of their flavours to lift, flame, perfume and accompany different dishes and patisseries. Older Armagnacs express their subtlety, finesse, richness and character on their own, pure, accompanied by a cigar, a chocolate dessert or a slightly acidic Arabica coffee.

Let yourself be tempted by Floc de Gascogne as an aperitif and Fruits in Armagnac, as a dessert.

Traditional presentation

Handwritten labels and wax sealed neck are a characteristic hallmark of Armagnac Delord worldwide. From 5cl to 250cl, from the straight « Ariane »bottle shape to the more traditional « Basquaise », all our bottles are sealed by hand. The bottling date is mentioned on all vintages.

Our labels can be personalised on demand; the steady hand of Jacques Delord with his pot of Indian ink and his fountain pen making each bottle unique and exceptional.

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